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We make the cut! Our two Mazak lasers, capable of twice the output, cut turnaround  times in half. Our lasers cut sheets up to 5' by 10' and have an output up to 4 kW.


We like making sparks fly! Aluminum, steel, name it, we weld it. TIG, MIG and Pulse welding for Steel, Stainless & Aluminum are services we provide. Whether it's a large scale production project or a one-off fix, we have all the tools and experience to provide you with top quality welding services.


Our CNC break press can bend up to 8' with a  70 ton capacity.  Along with our laser cutting and welding services, we roll parts up to 6 feet in length and as tight as 10" in diameter. Our capabilities also include sawing, shearing, drilling, and punching.

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